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MEP Division

MEP Contracts
 MEP Contracts
End to End services for MEP contracts. (Design, Engineering, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning) 

  • Detailed design of HVAC systems for buildings, including cooling load calculating, (cooling load calculation shall meet current ASHRAE standards.
  • HVAC equipment sizing, pipe sizing calculations, duct sizing, ductwork pressure loss calculations, electrical voltage drop calculations, cable sizing calculations, isometric drawings, Design drawing and complete design report along with shop drawings.
  • Supply and installation of HVAC equipment including air / water cooled chillers, chilled water pumps,condenser water pump, cooling towers, air cooled roof top package units, air handling units, Fan coil units, air cooled split condensing units, ductable split ac units, Fan coil Units, ventilation fans and exhaust ventilation fans etc.
  • Supply and installation of chilled water distribution system including pipes, pipe fittings, valves, and pipe supports , expansion tanks and piping instrumentation etc.
  • Supply and installation of thermal insulation for chilled water distribution systems including vapor barrier and pipe cladding.
  • Supply and installation of the air distribution system including ductwork, duct fittings, balancing dampers, fire dampers, volume control dampers, air grilles and diffusers, fresh air louvers, split dampers, duct support and duct instrumentation.
  • Supply and installation of thermal insulation for the air distribution system including vapor barrier. 
  • Supply and installation of acoustic duct lining, vibration isolation on rotating equipment, sound attenuators and other acoustic measures.
  • Supply, Fabrication & installation of AluminumCladding/Aluminum Cladding with/withoutPolysurlyn Vapour Barrier Lamination for chilled water , refrigerant pipe & duct. 
  • Air Cooled/Water Cooled Chiller, Package /Ductable Air conditioning , Split Air conditioning  replacement with their accessories. 
  • Supply &Installation of all equipment for MEP Fit Out jobs.
  • Supply and installation of all plumbing required to complete the work in the client’s scope and as Hot and cold water distribution systems, Waste drains and vents, Gas piping, Plumbing fixtures etc 
  • Supply and installation of Complete cold water supply system including intake from Kahramaa mains, water meters, all pumps, tanks and distribution network.
  • Supply and installation of Complete hot water supply system including water heaters and distribution network.
  • Supply & installation of complete steam system with equipmentStem Boilers, Heat Recovery Boilers,Hot Water Boilers,Blow Down vessels, Calorifiers etc & accessories as steam traps, condensate pump,boiler controls, metering controls. 
  • Supply & installation of complete Solar water heating system& Electric water heater.
  • Supply and installation of Complete waste and sanitary plumbing system including all vents, branches, manholes, sumps, pumps and end disposal to the municipal manholes including drainage system.
  • Supply and installation of Complete storm water disposal system including storm water holding tanks, pumps etc. and surface water drainage system.
  • Supply and installation of Complete fire protection system including sprinkler system, wet riser, and hose reels etc. and clean agent fire suppression system.
  • Supply and installation of Complete Irrigation system

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